Bagels Finance
Project Roadmap
(*Last updated 2021/10/20)

Q2 2021:

2021.4 Institutional financing has been closed and submitted code for audit;
2021.5 Issued first audit report and submitted for second audit;
2021.6 Upgraded Dokodoa cross-chain protocol and DAO to enhance security and user experience.

Q3 2021:

2021.7 Launched Certik audit report;
2021.8 Launched Bagels testnet and global public test;
2021.8 Bagels mainnet launched, opened DAO Boardroom, Leverage and Vault functions;
2021.8 BAGEL/BUSD was listed on PancakeSwap and started trading;
2021.9 Listed on wallets imToken, Bitkeep,indexed by Coingecko and CoinMarketCap;
2021.9 Launched Leverage V2 Pool, removed MDX farmed token as rewards, increased BAGEL daily output, added [Add Position] function;
2021.9 The BIP-001 proposal was approved, 85% of revenue of leveraged farmed token will be distributed to veBAGEL holders in DAO Boardroom;
2021.10 Launch PancakeSwap yield farming strategy;
2021.9 DAO Boardroom will send out dividend for the first time.

Q4 2021:

2021.10 Deployment and launch of Bagels Geyser Yield Farming pool;
2021.11 Deployment on ETH, launching GTSWAP and 3BAGEL Pool, which serve as wrapped stablecoin exchanges to solve the stablecoin liquidity shortage problem in Vault, and offer three stablecoin assets BUSD, USDT, and USDC for exchange;
2021.12 Launch Bagels cross-chain bridge. Asset mapping of BAGEL of two different chains(BAGEL only). Users can bridge and use BAGEL on different chains.