Bagels Finance

A Note on Quarterly Reward Adjustments:

Prior to the start of every quarter, we will assess whether to adjust reward amounts (in BAGEL tokens) based on recent movements in the BAGEL token price relative to USD. We want to ensure that the value of the rewards in USD remains consistent from quarter to quarter. We will base reward amount adjustments on the 30-day average price of BAGEL in terms of USD. For the quarter spanning from Oct 1, 2021 through Dec 30, 2021, we have adjusted rewards to reflect the increase in the price of BAGEL in USD over the past 90 days, with the recent 30-day average price considered. For this reason, you may have seen the number of BAGEL tokens awarded for a given bounty has gone up this quarter relative to previous quarters, but the value of the rewards in USD is actually consistent with the value of the rewards in USD at the launch of the Ambassador Rewards Program. As the price of BAGEL in USD changes, we may continue to adjust the reward amounts (in BAGEL tokens) prior to the start of each quarter. The adjustments will result in bounty amounts either moving up or down from quarter to quarter, depending on BAGEL token price changes.

Weekly Ambassador AMA with the team:

Held on Tuesday of every weeks(UTC-4). This is your opportunity to ask questions and receive clarity on any topics you wish to bring to our attention and discuss.

Dismissal Policy:

Bagels reserves the right to remove an Ambassadors at any time without question for a violation to the terms of agreement set forth below:

Terms of Agreement:

- Excellent community management skills, as well as the ability to collaborate with the Bagels team. - Conduct yourself professionally and in the spirit of Bagels at all times. - Failure to conduct yourself with honest, respectful and patient behavior will result in immediate dismissal. - Failure to submit your work on time repeatedly and efficiently will be released from the program. - Never ask the community for funds or solicit yourself or services "quid pro quo", abusing your power as an Ambassador or Admin. - No Soliciting or colluding - Please, use professional language and mannerisms when engaging with the community and the team. - If an Ambassador is inactive for a period of 1 week or longer without informing the team ahead of time they will be removed from the program. (Generally we will take the initiative to contact the ambassador to find out the reason for this situation) - Proof of work for bounties is required and will be approved at the discretion of the team.