Bagels Finance
Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How to become an ambassador

A1:View here.

Q2:What are your investment institutions?

Q3:Does Bagels plan to list on CEX?

A3:Bagels already listed on BitMart :
*In addition, we are also working on cooperation with others CEX/DEX~
Q4:How is the audit progress of the Bagels smart contract?
As of September 25, 2021, Bagels has completed two audits and is submitting the third audit to Slow Mist. BSC scan has verified Bagels' code and concurs with the audit.

Q5:Where does Bagels Finance team come from?

A5:The Bagels Finance R&D team is composed of technical teams from the United States, China and Canada, and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA.

BAGEL Basic Information

A1:Where to buy BAGEL?

We currently listed the trading pair of BAGEL/BUSD on PancakeSwap and 1 inch(In principle, all tokens can purchase BAGEL);

Q2:What's the token contract address?

A2:BAGEL Contract Address:0xBb238FcE6E2eE90781cD160C9C6eAf3a4CfAD801

Q3:Where can I check the K-line of the BAGEL currency price?


DAO Revenue

Q1:What is veBAGEL? What is its value?

A2:When locking BAGEL into Boardroom, the user will receive veBAGEL, an interest token of Boardroom, which is used to calculate the platform revenue dividend earned by the holder, payable once a week.
The value of veBAGEL includes:
DAO Voting and participate in proposal
50% of platform interest spread, 50% of liquidation fee and 85% of farming tax will be distributed to Boardrooom members at 8pm on Wednesday(UTC-4)
Boost the acceleration on Vault farming, up to 2.5x
Dokodoa revenue dividend
Airdrops from projects who cooperate with Bagels

Q2:What is the difference between BAGEL locked for 1 year and 4 years?

A2: View here.

Q3: When can I receive the dividend if I lock BAGEL now?

A3:Every Wednesday at 8pm (UTC-4), contract will take a snapshot of the locked amount of veBAGEL and the dividend income of the LAST PERIOD, and distribute dividends according to the results of this snapshot.
Sum: The first dividend will be received 14-21 days after locked BAGEL.
Example: Locked BAGEL at 7pm on Oct 6(UTC-4), the first dividend will be received at 8pm on Oct 20(UTC-4). Then receive dividend every week.
Locked BAGEL at 9pm on Oct 6(UTC-4), the first dividend will be received at 8pm on Oct 27(UTC-4). Then receive dividend every week.
Since there will be two weeks from locked BAGEL to the first dividend, and 3 snapshots will be taken in this period. Therefore you won't receive dividends if only locked BAGEL for 1-week cuz you don't have any veBAGEL in the third snapshot, which means you should lock BAGEL for at least 3 weeks to receive the dividends.

Q4:Where to receive the dividends? Will it be distributed directly to my wallet?

A4:View here.

Q5:Where can I find the gToken after claimed and how to withdraw it?

A5:gTOKEN has been automatically reinvested in the Lending pool and goes to the Lending pool to withdraw.(View the guide)

Q6:What's the meaning of Harvest in DAO?

A6:View here.

Q7:Why the gBNB token can be shown on the Bagels but not on PancakeSwap?

A7:gBNB is a token that can't be traded and acted as a certificate for earning interest after deposited, representing the user's shares of the Bagels pool.


Q1:How to calculate the APY of farming pools?


Q2: What's the different between 1x, 2x and 3x in Leverage?

1x leverage is the same as the standard farming you can do anywhere else, which means you didn't borrow any assets for leverage so there's no debt risk. If the lending and borrowing for 1x leverage are the same asset, Bagels needs to swap them to LP token in accordance 1:1 ratio, which means users need to pay the swap fee and slippage.
2x leverage, if the lending and borrowing are different assets, these two will automatically match to LP token in accordance 1:1 ratio. Users don't need to pay the swap fee and slippage cuz there's no swap in this progress. If the lending and borrowing are the same assets, users need to pay the swap fee and slippage.
2x leverage, if the lending and borrowing are different assets, you’ll have neutral exposure to that borrowed asset. This means at position opening, your equity value will be indifferent to a modest rise OR fall in the borrowed asset’s price. We suggest you select the trading pair that contains stablecoin, in this way your position value will increase with no risks.
Above 2x, you must pay the swap fee and slippage. At 2.5x and 3x leverage, you will have a slight short on the borrowed asset, meaning your equity value will increase when that asset's price falls, and your equity value will decrease when the price rises.If you select a trading pair that didn't contains stablecoin, to maximize your profits, consider borrowing the asset OPPOSITE TO the one you are most bullish about.
Example, in ETH-BNB, if you expect ETH's price to rise more than BNB's price, then borrow BNB.

Q3: What is KillFactor?

A3: View here.

Q4: What is Risk value?

A3: View here.

Q5:Where will the rest of assets appear after be liquidated?

A5:Back to your wallet

Q6:Why PancakeSwap pool have rewards, but MDEX pool does not?

A6:It is determined by the mechanism of PancakeSwap and MDEX, Bagels can not control it.