Bagels Finance
Bagels Ambassador Program Version 2.0
Current Rules for Version 2.0 (effective October 1, 2021 onward)
As we continue to expand our product function, we are looking for passionate and talented leaders to join the movement and help scale the Bagels community. Meanwhile, Bagels also will help you to realize your self-worth in this progress.
These are the current and upcoming 3-month reward periods:
  • Oct 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021
Collecting Rewards: To count your rewards, please submit a new form for each 1 individual activity you complete. The full list of bounties is available above. You must provide a URL link that includes evidence for the 1 activity you want to claim rewards for. Links to spreadsheets or docs listing multiple activities will not be eligible for rewards. This also includes compressed folders as they will become corrupt through the submission form.
Receiving Rewards:
Steps for Rewards 1. Submission * All the bonuses(except weekly salary) are submitted by Ambassadors and reviewed on a monthly basis. Rewards must be submitted via this Google Form before the last day of the month and will be counted. * The ambassador’s weekly salary will be reviewed and distributed by the Bagels team every week. Please make sure that you have submitted the previous week’s work data before every Monday. 2. Tabulation * Submissions will be tallied up after each month and will require an additional 1 week to update the leaderboard and reward Bonuses. Rewards will be sent out on the Second Friday following the end of a month. 3. Receiving Rewards: To receive rewards, ambassadors must submit a wallet address * We then add final amounts and send them to the treasury to transfer rewards 4. Questions and concerns from community members: Should questions arise we ask you to take the following steps: * Fill this info out on Google sheet. DO NOT ask questions in DMs or on Telegram as this just adds to the complexity. * Multiple team members review the forms on a weekly basis. * We will only remind you in the Telegram Announcement group to reply to Google Excel. You have a responsibility to respond.
Read more bonus details in the sub-category on the LEFT.