Bagels Finance
BAGEL Basic Information

Token information

Token Symbol:BAGEL
BSC address:0xBb238FcE6E2eE90781cD160C9C6eAf3a4CfAD801
Max Supply:110,000,000 BAGEL
Trading Pair:BAGEL/BUSD

Token Allocation

60% Farming Pool;
18% Early Investors: 10% will be unlocked upon mainnet launch, and 22.5% will be unlocked every quarter with a total lock-up period of 12 months;
10% Team Reserve, 5% of which is linearly unlocked within 12 months, and the other 5% is locked in the DAO smart contract for 360 days;
7% Community Incentives and Airdrops;
5% Marketing & Strategic Partners.