Bagels Finance
Bagels Finance Introduction
Cross-Chain Leveraged Yield Farming Protocol
Bagels Finance is the first cross-chain Yield Farming protocol. It aims to help farmers achieve the highest APY in the Defi Yield Farming market by strategically combining different Defi products. It also provides better liquidity for LP farming and DEX of Ethereum, BSC and Polygon ecosystem.
Users can deposit ETH, BTC, USDT, BUSD, BNB, MDX and other assets into Bagel's smart contracts to earn the highest APY and governance token BAGEL on the market; borrowers can borrow with 2x-10x leverage to earn up to 2x-10x returns from governance token BAGEL and leveraged positions.
Holders of BAGEL can participate in the decentralized governance of DAO, lock BAGEL and become a member of the Boardroom member of Bagels Finance and receive dividends from the Bagels platform revenue, including 50% spread revenue and 85% revenue from farmed tokens (MDX, CAKE, etc.).
Bagels Finance Dapp:

What Is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is the practice of staking or lending crypto assets within a liquidity pool in order to generate high returns or rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.
The liquidity that yield farmers provide is generally used by decentralized products and services such as decentralized exchanges as a pool and market maker to complete transactions for their users. Yield farmers can leverage their positions by borrowing additional with from lenders.

What market needs and problems has Bagels Finance solved?

1.Lenders can earn higher lending interest rates and by leveraging up to 3x, yield farmers can earn a higher farming APY;
2. Low Lending Interest Rates due to Over-collateralization;
3.The first platform supporting a vault farming boost combined with a DAO governance system in the leveraged lending track;
4. A tokenomics model with a virtuous cycle that breaks the curse of "farm - claim - sell" on lending platforms;
5: Dokodoa breaks the silo effect of DeFi on any public chain and realizes cross-chain yield farming by embedding it in chains like BSC, Ethereum and Polygon, etc.
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